Duo Jet Penguin

It’s a Duo Jet. It’s a Penguin. It’s a combination Duo Jet, Penguin.
What happens when you take the coolest headstock in all of guitardom and stab it onto a 1968 Gretsch Duo Jet?
You get one of these. The neck and finish put together by Dan Johnson, the guitar tech for the Black Keys band with Mark Axe doing the wiring and set up work.

The Most Famous Chord in the World

The opening chord to the Beatles ‘Hard Days Night’ has been argued about for decades. Exactly how did they create that sound?! The discovery of the original master tapes has shed some light on this (see the Randy Bachman video below) and this excerpt from the new Marky Ramone book ‘Punk Rock Blitzkrieg: My Life As a Ramone’ tells of how hard Phil Spector worked to capture the majesty of that chord while recording the Ramones in 1979. Definitely worth a read!

50’s Fender Stringmaster Steel Guitar

This thing is just plain cool. Double 8 steel guitar with chrome pickup covers and still playing great. Speedy West approved!

1956 Blonde Esquire

Is this the most stripped-down, pure and beautiful electric guitar ever?

PRS Metal Series

Ever seen a PRS Metal Series guitar? Here’s your chance to own a Private Stock 2008 reissue of the 1985 originals. Supposed to have been painted by the man who painted the originals – Bud Davis.

Benchmark Flying V

Could this be the best Gibson Flying V ever?
Watch Greg Kock rock it – what do you think?
And here’s a rarely found used one for you to grab:

Great guitars, gear, and more.

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