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50’s Fender Stringmaster Steel Guitar

This thing is just plain cool. Double 8 steel guitar with chrome pickup covers and still playing great. Speedy West approved!

1956 Blonde Esquire

Is this the most stripped-down, pure and beautiful electric guitar ever?

PRS Metal Series

Ever seen a PRS Metal Series guitar? Here’s your chance to own a Private Stock 2008 reissue of the 1985 originals. Supposed to have been painted by the man who painted the originals – Bud Davis.

Benchmark Flying V

Could this be the best Gibson Flying V ever?
Watch Greg Kock rock it – what do you think?
And here’s a rarely found used one for you to grab:

Mary Ford’s 61 Les Paul Custom

Would you pay $150,000 for Mary Ford’s 1961 Les Paul Custom?
It’s been on Pawn Stars and in Time and Vintage Guitar magazines and now it can be yours.

1972 EKO Galanti

How about a guitar designed and built in Italy from premium American components? Not your average solidbody slab, this guitar oozes sexy seventies style with it’s abundant curves. Check out those DeArmond pickups, Grover tuners and wacky bridge/tremolo.
This one is being sold No Reserve and with Free Worldwide Shipping so get it while it’s hot.

Aztec Gold Strat

Currently on eBay – a brand new Deluxe Fender Stratocaster in Aztec Gold! This is the guitar Goldfinger would play.

EVH Striped Series

So you wanna play like Eddie Van Halen? Well all you need is one of these!
This one is selling right now with No Reserve:

1959 – A Magical Year for Gretsch

It would be easy to confuse the current Gretsch Guitars line-up with their line-up from the late 1950s. A lot of f-holes and big orange guitars with Bigsby vibratos. The model names haven’t changed much either – 6120s, Country Clubs, Falcons, Jets and Anniversaries. And neither have many of the physical specifications, features and hardware. Laminated maple bodies, 2.5 or 2.75 inches deep with 16 or 17 inch lower bouts, filterTron pickups, Grover tuners and on and on. Most of these specifications and features go back to the 1959 model year when Gretsch seemed to really ‘get it right’ and produce guitars that nowadays have reached an almost mythic status and command prices north of $10,000.
One of the keys to the ’59 tone is in the ‘trestle bracing’ introduced in 1959 that allows the thin maple tops to vibrate and sustain but without producing feedback. The FilterTron pickups are another magical ingredient that give these guitars their signature twang and bite.
Despite being made famous as one of the favorite guitars of the Who’s Pete Townshend (and used on every track of ‘Who’s Next’), the ’59 Gretsch was for many years an almost forgotten guitar. That is until the early ’80s when the Stray Cats appeared from their rockabilly time-machine and Brian Setzer’s magic fingers made a lot of young guitar slingers want big orange guitars.
These days genuine 1959 6120 guitars are rare but some of their ’59 siblings can be great alternatives with nearly identical features and specifications.
One of these is the Anniversary model which has an identical body but a little less of the fancy stuff – binding and the horseshoe inlay. Examples like the one below can still be found for about the same cost as the new reissues. Pair one of these with a vintage blonde Fender Bassman and some slap-back echo and tap into that ’59 Gretsch magic!

1959 Gretsch Anniversary
For sale now on Reverb

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1954 Les Paul Junior

Dear Santa, I’ve been a good boy all year. Please bring me this 100% original 1954 Les Paul Junior in excellent condition. It’s got its original case and, best of all, is for sale with NO RESERVE. Thanks!

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