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New TV Jones Guitar

Just revealed – the TV Jones Spectra Sonic Standard. I used to own a Spectra Sonic Supreme and it was a wonderful guitar – big but light, twangy but able to rock with the best of ’em. I’d love to take one of these new Standards for a walk around the block.

Eastern Bloc Beauty

Well, maybe beauty is subjective but I think the late 50’s Marma guitars were pretty cool in a funky, penguin-hit-by-lightning kind of way.
And so does Eastwood guitars, apparently. They’re trying to get enough interest to build a modernized version with modern upgrades like a pair of Chrome P-90’s and a Jazzmaster style tremolo with adjustable roller bridge.
Get on board now!

Cyber Monday Deals

Found any killer deals today?
Guitar Center has 10% any single item and Musician’s Friend has a new deal every hour.
Here’s a good deal on a Yamaha Pocketrak PR7 for $99 with free shipping. These are great for recording shows on the down-low. 😉