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New TV Jones Guitar

Just revealed – the TV Jones Spectra Sonic Standard. I used to own a Spectra Sonic Supreme and it was a wonderful guitar – big but light, twangy but able to rock with the best of ’em. I’d love to take one of these new Standards for a walk around the block.

Eastern Bloc Beauty

Well, maybe beauty is subjective but I think the late 50’s Marma guitars were pretty cool in a funky, penguin-hit-by-lightning kind of way.
And so does Eastwood guitars, apparently. They’re trying to get enough interest to build a modernized version with modern upgrades like a pair of Chrome P-90’s and a Jazzmaster style tremolo with adjustable roller bridge.
Get on board now!

The Most Famous Chord in the World

The opening chord to the Beatles ‘Hard Days Night’ has been argued about for decades. Exactly how did they create that sound?! The discovery of the original master tapes has shed some light on this (see the Randy Bachman video below) and this excerpt from the new Marky Ramone book ‘Punk Rock Blitzkrieg: My Life As a Ramone’ tells of how hard Phil Spector worked to capture the majesty of that chord while recording the Ramones in 1979. Definitely worth a read!