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Fano Alt de Facto MG6

No reserve auction right now for this rare boutique Fano guitar – currently only $893 for a guitar with a street price of almost $3000.

1959 Les Paul Conversion

Is a 1956 Gibson Les Paul converted with real 1959 parts just as good as a real 1959?

Gibson Custom Shop R9 No Reserve

Shhh…this one is only at $1250…

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Cyber Monday Deals

Found any killer deals today?
Guitar Center has 10% any single item and Musician’s Friend has a new deal every hour.
Here’s a good deal on a Yamaha Pocketrak PR7 for $99 with free shipping. These are great for recording shows on the down-low. 😉

1965 Gibson SG Custom

Triple pickup beautiful white temptress!

1965 SG Custom
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Cleanest 55 Les Paul

This one’s got vibe! Super clean and original model on ebay.


Jimmy Page Teaches Kashmir to Jack White

Excerpt from the documentary It Might Get Loud.

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